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Driven by a powerful and intuitive set of acquisition and data processing tools, Thermo Scientific™ TraceFinder™ software provides rapid access to your results and increases output across the entire laboratory. Drive your productivity with built-in intelligence provided through TraceFinder software acquisition and data processing. Smart sample flagging, flexible data review, and custom report generation remove the bottlenecks associated with data review and simplify sample analysis at each step of the process. TraceFinder software enables control of multi-channel LC, single quadrupole, triple quadrupole and high-resolution LC-MS systems, as well as IC and GC systems. This control helps streamline and standardize operating procedures, minimizing training requirements and simplifying lab operations.

Overview of TraceFinder Software


Get rapid access to high-quality results for routine, high-throughput screening and quantitation, no matter your level of technical experience. TraceFinder software acquires and processes your targeted screening and routine quantitative data from LC and GC (including multiplexed and third-party systems), quadrupole and HRAM-MS systems. The software is fully configurable with environmental-, clinical-, food safety-, forensics- and pharma/biopharma-specific nomenclature, so you can rapidly and confidently develop methods specific to your applications.

When used with Thermo Scientific high-resolution accurate mass or quadruploe mass spectrometry systems, TraceFinder software offers the most comprehensive quantitative and qualititative workflows to address critical challenges in your routine or advanced assays.

Discover the unique benefits of TraceFinder software
  • Easily configure for your application, and experience level
  • Quantify more in less time with pre-configured methods, reports, and compound databases
  • Access the latest mass spectral libraries and compound databases for screening, or to provide additional confirmation
  • Manage your data across a network with ease