Orbitrap Illustration

Sports Doping

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s dedicated sports doping applications team and customers have recently developed several key screening and quantitation workflows using Orbitrap™ technology with the Thermo Scientific Exactive, Exactive Plus and Q Exactive mass spectrometers. These solutions demonstrate the analytical specificity, sensitivity, and dynamic range in terms of concentration and number of drugs monitored for quantitative analysis in urine. The unique ability to perform Quanfirmation™ (quantitative analysis with qualitative confirmation of identity) workflows very effectively sets Orbitrap technology apart from all others.
The number of quantitative analysis workflows is growing rapidly. Currently, the solutions cover screening and quantitation of many classes of drugs used in human and horse doping (see Orbitrap-related  Drugs of Abuse workflows). Click on the links below to view the comprehensive workflows for sports doping:


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