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New RawFileReader from Thermo Fisher Scientific

.Net Assembly for reading RAW, SLD, and PMD files

Replacing the MSFileReader COM library, the new RawFileReader is a .Net Assembly which means it will work better with modern programming languages and take advantage of modern CPUs. The software is available for download on the Thermo Fisher Scientific ShareFile site and it includes NuGet packages for Windows and Linux, documentation, and an example program written in C#.

To access the ThermoFisher ShareFile site, contact Jim Shofstahl via email at jim.Shofstahl@thermofisher.com.


  • No more marshaling of data
  • Faster, direct access to the data without any intermediate layers
  • Multi-threaded code
  • Lockless parallel processing
  • Better memory management/security (i.e., managed code)
  • Unit tested (~94% unit test coverage)
  • Portable (Windows and Linux)


  • Compatible with .Net Framework 4.5.1 and greater
  • Works with Visual Studio 2013 and 2015
  • NuGet package for Windows and Linux
  • Only supports 64 bit OS/applications
  • No external installer required for redistribution as with MSFileReader
  • License document included (RTF)


Basic structures/classes used in our data

Methods for reading RAW, PMD, SLD files

Background subtraction/averaging methods

Mass Precision Estimator methods

Methods defined through interfaces and factories.