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Thermo Scientific™ ProSightPC software is the first stand-alone software for analyzing top-down and middle-down proteomics data, including the characterization of proteins with known PTMs.


  • Protein sequence identification
  • Protein and proteoform identification
  • Error tolerant identification of modifications, truncations, etc


  • Searching power of ProSightPC in the shell of Proteome Discoverer


  • Peptide sequence identification
  • Protein and proteoform identification

Software Overview for ProSightPC

Rapidly identify and characterize proteins, peptides, and PTMs, using the multiple search modes provided by Thermo Scientific™ ProSightPC software. ProSightPC software accommodates data generated by multiple fragmentation techniques and processes all accurate-mass MS/MS data, from top-down and middle-down experiments. It is the only proteomics software that allows the user to search MS/MS data against proteome warehouses containing the biological complexity present in UniProt. Specifically, the application does the following:

  • Supports top-down and middle-down experiments. Includes five different search modes-Accurate Mass, Biomarker, Sequence Tag, Single Protein, and Gene Restricted search to determine exact protein sequence including modifications and alternative splicing

  • Processes fragmentation data generated by HCD, ETD, EThcD, ECD, IRMPD or CID

  • Includes the proprietary ProSight Warehouse containing all known post-translational modifications (PTMs), alternative splicing events and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)

  • Imports FASTA databases and shotgun annotates them with all possible modifications

  • Includes Sequence Gazer, which allows users to review search results and add, remove, or change modifications to find better fits

Featured Literature

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Poster Note

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