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Membership in the Planet Orbitrap community brings with it many advantages including instant access to premium content and site functionality that is reserved for those with member-only privileges.

Science library advantages

Once your registration is complete, you will gain access to the nearly 1,000 items in the library and be able to save items to your personal library making it easy for you to find key assets again and again. We even provide unique access to author-provided information for some of our most innovative papers including methods and tune files used in the publication!  You can email library assets to colleagues so they won't miss a hot paper or presentation on Orbitrap technology.

Extended technology & applications content

Beyond library access privileges and related special features, membership allows you to take a deeper look at the application workflows with details from sample prep through data analysis. Plus, you can see the informative content found in the Using the Technology section of the site. You'll discover links to resources like papers, Thermo literature, and method files that describe aspects of the workflow or instrument operation in greater detail. Registration enables you to explore resources that will help you get the most from the Orbitrap technology platform.


Once your profile is complete, you will receive an email every two weeks with digests of the latest content on Planet Orbitrap. When you return to the site, your alerts page will always be available with links to webpages with significant content updates.

We encourage you to register today to gain access to this member-only website content and special features. Enjoy!