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Scientific Poster Q Exactive HF-X, Orbitrap Exploris 480 Bottom-up Proteomics, RQ - Label-Free

Powerful, standardized and versatile low-flow LCMS platform for deep dive proteomics and high-throughput analysis with maximum MS utilization

Oleksandr Boychenko1, Christopher Pynn1, Mike Baynham2, Jenny Ho3, Tabiwang Arrey4, and Peter Jehle1

Hupo 2019

1Thermo Fisher Scientific, Germering, Germany 2Thermo Fisher Scientific, Runcorn, UK 3Thermo Fisher Scientific, Hemel Hempstead, UK 4Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bremen, Germany;

Purpose: The availability and ease of sampling of blood and its constituents make it ideal for large cohort clinical research studies. Proteins, as major players in catalytic and structural as well as many signaling functions, are essential research targets. Whilst nanoLCMS is capable of…

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