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Scientific Poster LTQ Orbitrap Velos, ETD Bottom-up Proteomics, PTM - Glycosylation, PTM - Phosphorylation

Fragmentation Patterns of EThcD Spectra of Phosphopeptides and Glycopeptides

Bern M, Kil YJ, Tang W, Becker C, Frese CK, Altelaar M, Mohammed S, Heck AJR, Syka J, Bomgarden R, Viner R.

ASMS 2013 Poster

Protein Metrics Inc., San Carlos, CA

Electron transfer dissociation (ETD) and beam-type collision-induced dissociation (HCD) are combined in a new fragmentation method called EThcD on Thermo Scientific Orbitrap instruments. This method first applies ETD in the linear ion trap and then transfers all the ions, both precursors…

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