Orbitrap Illustration

Definitive Metabolite ID

The detection and identification of metabolites of pharmaceutical agents is an important part of the discovery and development process.  In discovery, metabolite identification can aid in the design of compounds with good drug-like properties.  In development, understanding the metabolic fate of a drug candidate is a requirement of regulatory bodies and helps to assure that a new drug is safe by exposing potential toxicities or drug interactions.  The complex biological matrices studied, where the metabolites of interest represent only a few of the myriad components, make detection difficult even before identification is attempted.  High-resolution, accurate-mass mass spectroscopy powered by Orbitrap™ technology is a powerful tool for metabolite identification.  With multiple fragmentation techniques, acquisition triggering techniques, MSn fragmentation, and structure-based interpretation software, finding and identifying metabolites is significantly easier than by any other method.

Workflow Overview for Definitive Metabolite ID  

The complex matrices commonly analyzed for metabolite identification pose a challenge to acquiring the correct fragmentation data. The need for high resolving power to separate matrix components from real metabolites, combined with the need to have accurate scan-to-scan mass accuracy to assure a good elemental composition, means that Orbitrap™ technology is the perfect platform for this application.

The combination of fast, accurate, acquisition and structurally intelligent processing speeds up the challenging task of metabolite identification and improves our results.