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New Library Additions

Detection of polyphosphates in seafood and its relevance toward food safety

Sara Panseri, Francesco Arioli, Cristina Biolatti, Giacomo Mosconi, Radmila Pavlovic, Luca Maria Chiesa

Food Chemistry

Next-generation TMTpro reagents for increased sample multiplexing


Robust metabolic profiling for routine quantitation and confident unknown identification

Amanda Souza


A robust mass spectrometer for precision medicine – the Orbitrap Exploris 240 mass spectrometer for large-scale plasma protein profiling

Michelle L Dubuke1 , Sitara Chauhan1 , Sarah Trusiak1 , and Emily I. Chen1


Targeted proteomic characterization of the AKT/mTOR pathway through analysis of clinically derived samples

Rowan Matney1, Kratika Singhal1, Fang Liu1, Sarah Trusiak2, Emily Chen2, Ryan D. Leib1, Allis S. Chien1

International Hupo 2020

Optimized Informatic Pipeline for the Automated Execution of SureQuant Workflow on Orbitrap Mass Spectrometers

Sebastien Gallien1,2, Aaron S. Gajadhar3, Bhavin Patel4, Carmen Paschke5, Dave Horn3, Nicholas Shulman6, Bernard Delanghe5, Brendan MacLean6, Daniel Lopez-Ferrer3, Emily I. Chen2, Shannon Eliuk3, Andreas Huhmer3

International Hupo 2020

Extending Capabilities of Real-Time Database Search on the Orbitrap Eclipse Tribrid Mass Spectrometer for Multiplexed Proteomics

Yang Liu, William D. Barshop, Amirmansoor Hakimi, Jesse D. Canterbury, Romain Huguet, Rosa Viner

International Hupo 2020

Boosting the number of peptide identifications and their confidence using INFERYS Rescoring

Dave Horn3, Daniel Lopez Ferrer3, Bernard Delanghe2, Daniel Zolg1, Martin Frejno1

International Hupo 2020

DIA Performance in Discovery and Quantitation Analysis on New Orbitrap Exploris Mass Spectrometers

1Yang Liu, 1Khatereh Motamedchaboki, 2Joshua Nicklay, 3Sega Ndiaye, 1Aman Makaju, 4Amarjeet Flora, 4Ryan Bomgarden, 1Daniel Lopez-Ferrer

International Hupo 2020

Multi-pathway signaling analysis using a synthetic phosphopeptide panel, standardized sample preparation kits and SureQuant internal standard targeted quantitation

Aaron S. Gajadhar1, Bhavin Patel2, Penny Jensen2, Sebastien Gallien3,4, Romain Huguet1, Kay Opperman2, John C Rogers2, Andreas Huhmer1, Daniel Lopez-Ferrer1

International Hupo 2020