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Scientific Poster Q Exactive HF Top-Down Proteomics

Profiling Of Clinically Relevant Proteoforms In Human Tears Using Chip-Based Capillary Electrophoresis Coupled To Mass Spectrometry

Daniel Lopez-Ferrer1, Romain Huguet1, Andreas Krupke1, Chien-Hsun Chen1, Aran Paulus1, Peter Raus2, Vlad Zabrouskov1, Andreas FR Huhmer1 and Peter Verhaert3

ASMS 2017 Poster

1 Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Jose, California, USA 2 Miró Center for Oculoplastic Surgery, Geel, Belgium 3 ProteoFormiX, Beerse, Belgium.

Purpose: Demonstrate the potential for profiling in very short times proteoforms in tears using a microfluidic chip capable of highly efficient electrokinetically driven separations hyphenated to mass spectrometry.

Methods: Tear proteins extracted from Schirmer tips (Clement Clarke…

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