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Scientific Paper Q Exactive Untargeted Metabolomics

A Nontargeted UHPLC-HRMS Metabolomics Pipeline for Metabolite Identification: Application to Cardiac Remote Ischemic Preconditioning

Judith Kouassi Nzoughet, Cinzia Bocca, Gilles Simard, Delphine Prunier-Mirebeau, Juan Manuel Chao de la Barca, Dominique Bonneau, Vincent Procaccio, Fabrice Prunier, Guy Lenaers,† and Pascal Reynier

Anal. Chem. 2017, 89, 2138−2146

PREMMi, Pôle de Recherche et d’Enseignement en Médecine Mitochondriale, Institut MITOVASC, CNRS 6214, INSERM U1083, Université d’Angers, 4 Rue Larrey, 49933 Angers CEDEX 9, France Département de Biochimie et Génétique, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, 49933 Angers CEDEX 9, France Institut MITOVASC, Laboratoire EA3860, Cardioprotection, Remodelage et Thrombose, Rue Haute de Reculée, FR-49045, Angers, France Département de Cardiologie, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, 49933 Angers CEDEX 9, France

In recent years, the number of investigations based on nontargeted metabolomics has increased, although often without a thorough assessment of analytical strategies applied to acquire data. Following published guidelines for metabolomics experiments, we report a validated nontargeted…

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