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Human Proteome Organization World Congress (HUPO 2017)

CONFERENCE | September 17 - September 21, 2017 | Dublin, Ireland

HPLC 2017

CONFERENCE | November 5 - November 9, 2017 | Jeju Island, Republic Of Korea

Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS)

CONFERENCE | November 13 - November 15, 2017 | Plainsboro, NJ

New Library Additions

Advantage of High Resolution Accurate Mass Spectrometry for Metabolite Identification in Untargeted Metabolomics Studies

Ioanna Ntai, Ralf Tautenhahn, Tim Stratton, Anastasia Kalli, Amanda Souza, Andreas Hühmer

Untargeted serum metabolite profiling of colorectal cancer using GC-Orbitrap technology

Nicolas Di Giovanni1, Cristian I. Cojocariu2, Paul Silcock2, Amanda Souza3, Marie-Alice Meuwis4, Edouard Louis4, Jean-François Focant1

13th Annual Conference of the Metabolomics Society

Solutions for routinely measuring metabolic knowns and identifying unknowns

Amanda Souza, Reiko Kiyonami, David Peake and Ralf Tautenhahn


In-Depth Characterization of Intact Protein Standards Using HRAM Top Down Mass Spectrometry with Multiple MSMS Strategies

Helene Cardasis1, Romain Huguet1, Chris Mullen1, Stephane Houel1, Luca Forneli2, Rosa Viner1, Viktorija Vitkovske1, Shanhua Lin1, Seema Sharma1, Vlad Zabrouskov1, Neil Kelleher2

ASMS 2017 Poster

Revolutionary Proteome Profiling and Quantitation without Compromising Speed, Sensitivity, and Selectivity

Yue Xuan1, Oleksandr Boychenko2, Remco Swart2, Alexander Harder1, Thomas Moehring1

ASMS 2017 Poster

Enhanced Targeted Metabolomics with High Resolution MS Adaption of a Standardized and Quantitative Metabolomics Assay from Triple Quad MS to Orbitrap MS

Hai Tuan Pham1, Doreen Kirchberg1, Martin Buratti1, Simon Schafferer1, Barbara Wolf1, Glenn Damkroeger2, Madalina Oppermann2, Anastasia Kalli2, Reiko Kiyonami2, David Peake2, Andreas Huhmer2, Therese Koal1

ASMS 2017 Poster

Novel capillary-flow LC HRAM MS platform for fast targeted analysis and robust profiling of complex samples

Alexander Boychenko1, Peter Bults2, Martin Ruehl1, Christopher Pynn1, Mike Baynham3, Wim Decrop1, Alexander Harder4, Nico van de Merbel2, Rainer Bischoff2, Remco Swart1

ASMS 2017 Poster

Implementation of Real-Time Update for Time Scheduled Targeted Peptide Quantification (PRM) on a new Quadrupole Orbitrap Benchtop Mass Spectrometer

Christian Thoeing, Sebastien Gallien, Tabiwang Arrey, Yue Xuan, Oliver Lange, Kerstin Strupat , Markus Kellmann

New innovations implemented on the Q Exactive HF mass spectrometer

Tabiwang N. Arrey, Eugen Damoc, Erik Couzijn, Jens Grote, Oliver Lange, Christian Thoeing, Kerstin Strupat, Catherina Crone, Anastassios Giannakopulos, Thomas Moehring and Alexander Harder

ASMS 2017 Poster

Relative quantification using TMT11plex on a modified Q Exactive HF mass spectrometer

Tabiwang N. Arrey,1 Rosa Viner,2 Ryan D. Bomgarden,3 Eugen Damoc,1 Markus Kellmann,1 Thomas Moehring,1 and Alexander Harder1

ASMS 2017 Poster

New Q Exactive HF-X MS