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Amer Assoc Clinical Chemistry (AACC)

CONFERENCE | May 22 - May 25, 2017 | New Orleans, Louisiana

65th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics

CONFERENCE | June 4 - June 8, 2017 | Indianapolis, Indiana

Max Quant Summer School

TRAINING COURSE | July 3 - July 7, 2017 | Berlin, Germany

Human Proteome Organization World Congress (HUPO 2017)

CONFERENCE | September 17 - September 21, 2017 | Dublin, Ireland

HPLC 2017

CONFERENCE | November 5 - November 9, 2017 | Jeju Island, Republic Of Korea

Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS)

CONFERENCE | November 13 - November 15, 2017 | Plainsboro, NJ

New Library Additions

An Approach to Spatiotemporally Resolve Protein Interaction Networks in Living Cells

Braden T. Lobingier,1,8 Ruth Hu¨ ttenhain,2,3,4,8 Kelsie Eichel,5 Kenneth B. Miller,6 Alice Y. Ting,7 Mark von Zastrow,1,2,9,* and Nevan J. Krogan2,3,4,

Cell Volume 169, Issue 2, p350–360.e12, 6 April 2017

Implementation of Activated Ion Electron Transfer Dissociation on a quadrupole-Orbitrap-linear ion trap hybrid mass spectrometer

Nicholas M. Riley,1,2 Michael S. Westphall,1 Alexander S. Hebert,1 and Joshua J. Coon1-4,*

Anal. Chem., Just Accepted Manuscript

Phosphoproteomics with Activated Ion Electron Transfer Dissociation

Nicholas M. Riley,1,2 Alexander S. Hebert,1 Gerhard Dürnberger,3,4,5 Florian Stanek,3 Karl Mechtler,3,5 Michael S. Westphall,1 and Joshua J. Coon1,2,6,7

Anal. Chem., Just Accepted Manuscript

Solutions for World Health Organization (WHO) Drinking Water Contaminant Analysis

Thermo Scientific

High resolution top-down experimental strategies on the Orbitrap platform

Kai Scheffler, Rosa Viner, Eugen Damoc

Journal of Proteomics Available online 3 April 2017 In Press, Accepted Manuscript

The Switch Is on: from Triple Quadrupoles and Q-TOF to Orbitrap High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Pesticide residues screening analysis in tea and honey using a Q Exactive Focus High Resolution Mass Spectrometer

Laszlo Hollosi, Maciej Bromirski, Michal Godula

Multi-residue pesticide screening in cereals using GC-Orbitrap mass spectrometry

Dominic Roberts, Mette Erecius Poulsen, Paul Silcock

Top-down analysis of immunoglobulin G isotypes 1 and 2 with electron transfer dissociation on a high-field Orbitrap mass spectrometer

Luca Fornelli a,1 , Daniel Ayoub a,2 , Konstantin Aizikov b , Xiaowen Liu c,d , Eugen Damoc b , Pavel A. Pevzner e , Alexander Makarov b , Alain Beck f , Yury O. Tsybin a,g, ⁎

Journal of Proteomics Available online 27 February 2017

Unique Benefits Delivered by Orbitrap GC Technology for Non-Targeted Analysis

Jason Cole

Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid MS