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See the Science of ASMS 2016

New jobs, events & page updates

Metabolomics Seminar Series

SEMINAR | September 21 - November 17, 2016 | Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Durham, Pittsburgh

North America Mass Spec Users' Meetings

USERS MEETING | September 22 - November 2, 2016 | 7 cities in the US and Canada

7th SETAC World Congress/SETAC North America 37th Annual Meeting

CONFERENCE | November 6 - November 10, 2016 | Orlando, FL

51st SouthEast Regional Lipids Conference (SERLC)

CONFERENCE | November 9 - November 11, 2016 | Cashiers, NC

Amer Assoc Pharma Science (AAPS)

CONFERENCE | November 13 - November 17, 2016 | Denver, CO

Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS)

CONFERENCE | November 14 - November 16, 2016 | Somerset, NJ


CONFERENCE | November 19 - November 22, 2016 | New Orleans, LA

North Coast Wine Industry Expo (NCWIE)

CONFERENCE | December 1 - December 1, 2016 | Santa Rosa, CA

American Geophysical Union (AGU)

CONFERENCE | December 12 - December 16, 2016 | San Francisco, CA

New Library Additions

An Information System Enabling the Organization and Automatic Annotation of Proteomic Experiments with User-specific Proteins

Devin Lee Drew1, Daniel Lopez-Ferrer1, Emanuela Milani2, Jacob Poder3, Martin Damsbo3, Bernd Wollscheid2 and Andreas FR Hühmer1

International Hupo 2016

Ultra-Fast Analysis of Allergens Using Capillary Electrophoresis Coupled to Mass Spectrometry and UVPD

Chien-Hsun Chen1, Andreas Krupke1, Monica Carrera2, Romain Huguet1, Shiaw-Min Chen3, Achim Karger3, Steve Williams3, Michael Wenz3, Andreas FR Huhmer1, Aran Paulus1 and Daniel Lopez-Ferrer1

International Hupo 2016

Higher multiplexing with NeuCode SILAC metabolic labeling

Ryan D. Bomgarden1; Katherine A. Overmyer2; Elyse C. Freiberger2; Alexander S. Hebert2; Michael S. Westphall2; Juergen H. Cox3; Joshua J. Coon2; John C. Rogers1

International Hupo 2016

Development of an All-Recombinant Intact Protein Standard for LC & MS Application Development & System Suitability Testing

Rosa Viner1, Helene L. Cardasis1, Viktorija Vitkovske2, Shane Bechler1, Lukas Taujenis2, Vikrant Gohil2, Kay Opperman1, John Rogers1, Egle Capkauske2, , Kestutis Bargaila2, Agne Alminaite2, Juozas Siurkus2

International Hupo 2016

High-pH Reversed-Phase Sample Fractionation for Phosphoproteomic Workflows

Sergei I. Snovida1, Jae Choi1, Ryan Bomgarden1, Julian Saba2, Rosa Viner2, John C. Rogers1

International Hupo 2016

A robust and sensitive capillary flow LC – high-resolution accurate-mass MS platform for discovery and targeted proteomics

Alexander Boychenko1, Mike Baynham2, Stephan Meding1; Martin Ruehl1; Martin Samonig1; Remco Swart1

International Hupo 2016

Top-down Characterization of Monoclonal Antibody on an Orbitrap Fusion Lumos™ Tribrid Mass Spectrometer

Seema Sharma, Stephane Houel, Christopher Mullen, Chad Weisbrod, Romain Huguet, John Syka, Dave Horn, Jonathan Josephs, Jae Schwartz, Vlad Zabrouskov,

International Hupo 2016

Personal "Omics Profiling" of S. Cerevisiae Strains Isolated From Different Environments

Daniel Lopez-Ferrer

International Hupo 2016

Simple Cell O-Glycoproteomics: discovery and applications

Sergey Y. Vakhrushev, Ph.D.

International Hupo 2016

Improved Sample Preparation Workflows for Protein Discovery and Quantification in Pathway Analysis

Xiaoyue Jiang1, Ryan Bomgarden2, Sergei Snovida2, Julian Saba1, Devin Drew1, John Rogers2, Rosa Viner1, and Andreas Huhmer1

Application Note No. 655

Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid MS